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Summary Of Nano Ceramic IR Film

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Nano Ceramic IR film obstructs more than 99% of harmful radiation from infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Infrared films are films that contain natural infrared absorbing dyes which are specifically designed to absorb infrared energy at definitewavelengths. With the use of our independent technology, these films are developed which also includes Super IR and SL999.

Nano Ceramic films are usually optically clear solar control window films that use optical transparent composites which shield infrared heat energy and UV radiation. Nano-Ceramic films are 100% metal free and 100% dye-free. Nano-ceramics possess selective properties which maximizes total heat elimination. It gives highest heat rejection without the risk of interference to TPMS, GPS navigation caused by traditional metal based films.

The features that make Nano Ceramic IR Films unique are:

  • Nano Ceramic IR Films averts glare by reflecting light.

  • Nano Ceramic films avoids glare and fading and discoloration of vehicle's interior by obstructing ultraviolet rays.

  • The films are virtually transparent, ideal for people who want to obstruct heat and UV rays and do not want darker films.

  • Nano Ceramic films have the capability of about 82% of infrared heat rejection.

  • They have natural tone with low reflectivity.

  • The Nano Ceramic films enhance overall aesthetics with a soft natural shade.

  • This films helps on comfort cooler interior.

  • They avert glass breakage and scattering.

  • They act as a protection shield against sun-related skin issues.

  • Nano Ceramic films avoids discoloration of color or bleaching due to oxidation through differentiated technology.

  • Nano Ceramic films rebuffs the heat and ultra violet rays . It is also the perfect window film for car owners who do not prefer the "dark look" associated with dark dyed films.  




    Structure Of Nano Ceramic IR Film

    Features Of Nano Ceramic IR Film
    1 Blocks over 99% of infrared radiant energy through high-tech Nano ceramic technology
    2 Prevent discoloration of dye or bleaching due to oxidation through differentiated technology
    3 Offers high visibility while blocking over 90% of infrared and ultraviolet rays
    4 Enhances the performance and efficiency of air conditioners by blocking solar radiant energy
    5 Prevents glare by reflecting light
    6 Prevents fading, sunburn and discoloration of interiors by blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays
    7 Blocks up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer, freckles and eye damage
    8 Prevent glass breakage and scattering



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